Thursday, 18 December 2014

Ugly Christmas sweaters got a pixel upgrade

No Christmas is complete with the Christmas sweaters knit specially by your grandmas. Your grandmas get themselves busy in knitting a warm sweater for their loved ones, which are called the ugly sweaters. Christmas celebrations all set to go, and presents all wrapped up in super cool and attractive bling packing. Everything is ready set, but wait, don’t just rush towards them. Make your Christmas a perfecto and wear you “ugly Christmas sweater”.

Since the past times when Christmas day celebration and preparations are used to be going on, all the grandmothers or the senior members of the family, with all their affection and love, use to knit a super cozy sweater for their loved ones. The sweaters use to be knitted at home with the wool and is knit with the design including all the Christmas symbols like mistletoe bushes, Christmas trees, holy berries, wish lines of Christmas, gifts packs and other such Christmas items. Due to this all procedures the sweater were never use to be up to the taste of the younger children. The non-appealing designed sweater were then started to be called as the ugly sweaters.

These ugly sweaters were made a super cool term for an important thing to be done in the preparations of the Christmas and Christmas seems, kind of an incomplete without them.
With the advancing pace of technology, this Christmas, your Christmas sweaters just got a pixel upgrade! Last year’s Christmas had a blast with a digital Christmas sweater. And the idea was formulated by the former NASA JPL engineer who came up with an idea to make the technological intervention in ugly sweaters.

He gave the idea of making a special hidden pocket into your ugly Christmas sweater for your smartphone. You can download the free Digital Dudz app to your mobile and fit your mobile phone into the pocket. With this app you can download the various moving animated ideas onto your phone.

All these super digital moving items have some controlled animation hidden. And this year the five most cool ideas included are the ginger bread man’s head being eaten, fire place with various fire styles, Santa’s rolling eye searching for something, glowing nose bulb of reindeer, Santa wavering from his cozy house, and Santa stuck at your chimney.

The pocket is so much secure that you can shake your sweater and your mobile phone is super fit into the pocket and remains there without slipping. The super digital ugly sweaters that are a perfect balance of ugliness and awesome.

Christmas ugly sweaters are now a must have thing for Christmas celebration and you just can’t come up to the party with an under done or over did Christmas sweater. So have a blast and get your super cool digitalized app on your phone, get your ugly sweater ready and let yourself be praised and bask in the glory of people stares  with you super cool yet ugly Christmas sweater.

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