Monday, 12 January 2015

Things to Consider While Buying Your Kid a Tablet

Tablets have exploded across the world in popularity and abundant variety in a very short period of time. Luckily technology developers have realized that kids love to play and interact with tablet, so some firms have started making tablets especially for kids. With so many options available in the market, choosing an appropriate tablet for your kid can be a tough job. There are few important things which you should keep in mind while buying tablet for your kid.


We might think that tablets are same for all age groups but it is not true. There are separate tablets available for kids. Tablets which are used by grownups are fine for many older kids as they do have parental controls and filters but there are a number of tablets especially designed for younger kids. LeapFrog LeapPad and Vtech InnoTab are some of the most famous kids’ tabs but they lag behind in some features and technologies. But some android tabs which are fully feature loaded are also available for kids. So before buying a tablet make sure you check the age suggested by the manufacturer.

Parental Controls

Parental controls and filters are some for the most important things you should keep in mind while buying a tablet for your innocent little kid, as you don’t want your child to access content which is not suitable for him. Some tablets come with the predetermined filters set by the tablet maker, and some let you choose the sites you want to block. These controls also let you block and lock some of the apps which you think are inappropriate for your kid. Some tablets offer you so much control that they let you specify the time for which your kid can play on his tablet.


Be sure you buy a less expensive tablet for your kid which does not lag behind in features, processors and other such things. There are a number of cheap kid’s tablets available in the market but they do not offer you those features which other tabs offer. So make sure you don’t buy your kid an inferior device but try to find a tablet which is not very expensive but offer you all those great features which regular tablets offer.


Size is an important factor which should be kept in mind while buying a tablet for a small kid. There will be small hands which will be holding this tablet so make sure you buy a tablet which is easy to hold and perfectly fits in the hands. Kid tablets are available in various sizes so make sure you buy a size which is perfect for your kid’s small little hands.

Battery Life

Don’t forget to consider the battery timings of the tab when you are buying it for your kid. Make sure it will last long enough to keep your child occupied. Most of the kids tablets run a decent amount of time on a single charge, in the 7- to 9-hour range but a few models came in at about 4 hours. So buy a tab which most suits your requirements and needs.

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