Thursday, 26 February 2015

Apple’s Secret of Success Revealed

Apple is dominating tech market for a long period of time. However Apple may have lost the Desktop PC war but after that they continued in totally new direction which resulted in the production of iPods, iPhones and iPads. However its Mac products also gained fame with the passage of time. Apple’s loyal fans are never willing to use any device from other brands. Plus it is hard for other brands to beat Apple. Most of us take Apple’s success as a mystery, we can’t think of a reason why Apple is leading tech market for so long. Today I’m going to tell you the principles behind Apple’s success or you can say I am finally going to reveal the mystery.

Most of the companies while producing a new product just make use of the new technology and don’t make sure whether it will be liked and wanted by people or not. But Apple have a different approach while producing new things. Apple engineers make sure that products created by them are perfect in every sense because they themselves have to use it. When Steve Jobs was alive he was the chief user of Apple products, so engineers kept all these things in mind while creating a new thing. The biggest reason of Apple’s success is that they are easy to use. While engineering new products, workers at Apple make sure the interface is intuitive and easy to understand for first time users. You can even say that in Apple ease of use is given more importance than the product itself.

Another reason why people prefer Apple products, especially iPhone over other smartphones is because Apple doesn’t give them a plethora of smartphones at a time. There is only one recent model so you don’t find any difficulty in choosing which one is best for you. This makes buying an Apple product relatively simpler to other brands. Steve Job understood that even though you give people simple and easy to use devices but new technology often creates complexities for people. And to deal with this problem Apple offers exceptionally good customer services. Once you tell Apple staff your need or problem they try to fix it on the spot. No wonder half of the Apple users today are new users, with easy to use devices and great customer services at your help you can definitely take most out of your new tech gadget.

Apple’s biggest quality is they never recreate any old thing, they invent new things. Or you can also say they create only those products about which they are sure they can make it better. For example Apple took MP3 to next level and invented iPod and same is the case with its other products. The factor that scares most of its competitors is that Apple stays almost two years ahead of its competitors. Where its competitors try to compete its products currently available in market, Apple is already working on products that will be launched after two years. For example the iPhone which released in 2014 was completed in 2012.
All these principle and factors combine together with Apple’s big cash to create products with features which are never offered before by any other brand. Inventing new things definitely needs a lot of money and most of the other brands can’t compete Apple in this thing. As long as Apple adheres to these principles and preferences, Apple will continue to rule the tech market.

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