Monday, 30 March 2015

How to Install Projector in a Room

So you are tired of going to your friend’s place every time you want to enjoy new movie on a projector? So why not buy a projector of your own? You don’t have to save for months to buy a projector, getting an affordable projector is quite easy these days. Once you buy a projector the next big thing is to install it. If the installation is not done properly and it is not fixed at perfect angle, you may not be able to enjoy movies at their best. These are few simple steps you have to follow so you can successfully install the projector.

·       Screen Size

The place to mount your projector depends on the screen size. The screen size or screen width is measured in inches. For making this procedure simple and easy to understand let’s assume you have screen size of hundred inches that will be 115-inches diagonal and 56-inches.

·       Throw Distance

Throw distance is actually the distance between the screen and projector’s lens. Most of the recent projectors come with install-friendly throw distance which allow you to install it in variety of room types and sizes. Just for explaining let’s assume we have a JVC projector which mostly comes with 1.4 to 2.8 throw distance range. So for a hundred inched screen projector can be placed from 140-inches to 280-inches from the screen.

·       Projector Location

Modern projectors are exceptionally silent but still there is fan noise which can prove as constant disruption. So it is better to keep projector back form the seating position. If the projector is in front of your seat you will definitely get distracted by its presence. Anyhow, if you plan to watch 3D movies on it make sure the distance is short because shorter distance means more brightness.

·       Ceiling Mount

Projectors can either be placed on a shelf or table or can be mounted on the ceiling. If you are placing it on a shelf then it can easily sit there on its small feet but if you are planning to mount it to ceiling, it will be mounted upside down. Never buy a mount of substandard quality because you’ll never want your projector to fall directly from the ceiling to the floor. Some good mount manufacturers are adjustable and can be fixed with array of projectors.
·       Leveling The Image

After successfully installing the projector now come to leveling of the picture. Keep the front paralleled to the screen so it produce a square and straight image. If the picture is not straight and levelled then slightly move the mount till the picture is perfect. If the screen is still not perfectly filled then gently tilt the mount up and down and read the manual if there is vertically moving option then try to move it vertically for filling the screen.

Here, you are finally done with the installation of your projector and all set to enjoy your favourite movie with friends and a big bowl of pop corns.

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