Friday, 27 March 2015

Smartphones That Provide Exceptional Security against Hacking

Business does not stay within the walls of your office anymore, now it requires your attention and time even when you are on the move. For staying in touch with your mails and important documents you need to keep sensitive business data in your smartphones. Where smartphone provides you convenience it also poses severe threats to your identity and data.
Where smartphone manufacturers are bringing improvements in security features, hackers are also becoming more professional and efficient. Hackers are using most advanced technologies to steal data from digital devices. Data stored in smartphones is most vulnerable to hacking as compared to laptops and tablets. In these circumstances, for protecting your sensitive data, you need to get a smartphone which offers you exceptional security features. Here we are giving you a list of those smartphones which offer you best security against all threats.

·       iPhone 6

iOS is best known for its security features that is why most professionals prefer iPhones over other brand’s phones having different OS including Android and Windows. It would not be wrong to say that advanced security features are first introduced by Apple and later other copied by other manufacturers in their smartphones. iPhone 6 with all other unbeatable features also has unbeatable security system. With its strong encryption methods and prevention of unauthorized access it gives solid protection to your corporate data and prevents it from getting hacked. It also gives you enhanced protection from malware and virus attacks. With the option of app code signing it further ensures that apps you are installing come from approved sources.

·       Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy 4 was able to stir mobile market with its extraordinary security features but S5 was even better in security than its predecessor. It has all those security features of S4 that amazed people plus it also features a fingerprint scanner. Scanner is present in the Home key of this phone which can be used for locking or unlocking your mobile. Apart from this other security features like KNOX and face detection provides added security to your critical data. KNOX is security suite that secures your important data and files and is complied with U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) mobile OS guide for security requirements (SRG).

·       BlackBerry Z10

Having sophisticated built in security features, it is one of the best phones when you want protection for your sensitive business data. Its top notch feature, BlackBerry Balance gives you maximum security against hacking. It prevents data leakage plus makes it impossible for unauthorized devices to access your business related information. The best thing is it is fully compliant with government standards and regulated environments. BlackBerry Z10 separates your business data from your personal information so there are no chances of pasting content from a work email into a personal account. It is the best option for all those who want to use single smartphone for their personal and business use.

·       Black Phone

If you are looking for a smartphone which offers you best security but may lack in other entertaining features then Blackphone might be a good option for you. With increasing amount of data theft and hacking, maintaining your security can be overwhelming. But Blackphone is a smartphone which is designed to take care of your security issues. For providing you ultra-secure smartphone experience, every black phone has Android based PrivatOS. It is a perfect combination of fortified Android operating system with a suite of security apps to keep your corporate information private.

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