Friday, 3 April 2015

5 Hidden Features of FireFox

FireFox is among some of the most used browsers of the world. Being widely used browser it definitely has some functions and utilities which attracts more and more people towards it. If you are also using FireFox on your PC and trying to know more features of it so here we are telling you some hidden features of FireFox that will let you work like a pro.

·       Search With Keywords

Keywords let you search easily in a much better way. If you use some particular sites every time you search then it is better to set a keyword for them. For example, by setting the keyword for a Wikipedia page, you’ll be able to directly open that page by writing that keyword in the main address bar. Just right click on the site you want to add a keyword to, a pull down menu will appear then click "Add a Keyword for this Search". Create a keyword in the book mark window, you cannot set multi word keyword so set a keyword without any spaces between the words.  

·       Search Assistance

If you have huge amount of bookmarks and browsing histories and find it difficult to find the thing you’re actually looking for then this feature is especially for you. This feature have some modifiers that refine your searching. Use “^” for matches in your browsing history, “*” for bookmarks, “+”for tagged pages, “@” for URLs and “%” for searching from currently open tabs.

·       Auto Complete

An amazing time saving trick for those who use Mozilla FireFox. It automatically fills the URL without asking you to write suffix or prefix like “www” or “.com”. All you have to do is type website’s name and then press Ctrl + Enter for completing the URL, it is for those websites which end with .com. And for those which end with .org you have to press Control + Shift + Enter.

·       Share easily

Whenever we see a nice video or a funny picture we feel like sharing it with our friends. With Mozilla FireFox sharing is made easier due to this user friendly feature which lets you share things across multiple social media websites. Click on the little paper plane icon shown at left corner, it allows you to share content to multiple logged in accounts including Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and many more.

·       Firefox Hello

It is a comparatively newer feature introduced by Firefox. FireFox Hello is a way to start your own chartroom. Just click on the smiley face on top right corner and chat with your friends, even with those who don’t have FireFox. If you are familiar with Google Hangouts then you might find it easy to use.

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