Wednesday, 15 April 2015

iPad Air 2 Review

Though iPad Air’s first version was also the head turner but the latest iPad Air 2 has actually stirred the tab market. Apple iPad 2 will surely satisfy all those who were anxiously waiting for its launched by keeping their hopes high. If you own a two to three year old iPad then this iPad Air 2 will definitely look extremely modified to you. From weight to storage to overall performance iPad Air 2 is simply amazing in every sense. 


Measuring just 6.1 mm it is one of the thinnest tablets you can find. Despite being exceptionally slim and light it is strong in built and easy to hold. Being ultra-light it just weighs 437g which means no more wrist aches after holding tablet for long time. It may not be world’s slimmest and thinnest tablet but it definitely gives you best performance in this size as compared to other tablets. With modern feel and premium design it easily justifies its expensive price tag. The overall design resembles a lot to iPad Air that you may find difficult to differentiate between both the models.

iPad Air 2 does not come with the silencing switch, the switch has been omitted to reduce the size however Apple argues that this function can be easily performed in OS just by the flick of hand. But if you are one of those who like to handle the sound without even looking at the screen you’ll definitely going to miss this button. Another major change is the touch idea on home key and the speaker grill has also changed its position now it’s at the bottom with single line of holes.


iPad Air 2 shares identical display as of iPad Air. It is also featured with a 9.7inch screen across the diagonal with Retina resolution of 1,536 x 2,048 and pixel density of 264ppi. It is excellent in colour accuracy with average Delta E of 1.82, and the screen is capable of covering 93.3% of the sRGB gamut. The fully laminated LCD also makes pictures and images look more real and life like.

Touch ID

Tocuh ID and Apple Pay are the noteworthy improvements in the latest version. With Apple Touch ID your tablet remains secure more than ever. When this feature is widely implemented it will also enable you to pay on the move without using your credit card. It is further rumored that Apple will also make it applicable for apps. Imagine how cool it will be if your mail checking app or other such apps will be opened after confirming the identity.


Bringing iPad on every special event for taking pictures has become a common trend. To keep up with this trend Apple has equipped iPad Air 2 with 8MP iSight camera. Featuring A8X chip iPad Air 2 can now also take slow motion videos like iPhone 6. With the ability of wider panorama and time lapse it is better than cameras of all other competing tabs.


Ipad Air 2 comes with plenty of dramatic improvements. The RAM has advanced from 1GB to 2GB and the A8X processor is new too. This speedy processor runs at 1.5GHz which is 40% faster than A7. A better quad-core GPU offers 2.5x improvement in graphical performance. In addition 4G speed is also faster now with 150Mbits/sec for downloads.


Battery is one of the most important component of any competing device may it be laptop, tablet or even smartphone.  Apple has put in great efforts to improve the design of iPad Air but they have not done much in the battery sector. The battery is not extraordinarily good but it is not bad as well. In a video playback test it gives12hrs 46mins which is 9 minutes less than its predecessor.

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