Friday, 15 May 2015

Features We Are Expecting In Future Smartphones

Smartphones has taken the world like a storm. And with every passing year its importance in our lives is increasing tremendously. The biggest reason of it becoming an essential part of our life is because of all the amazing functions it can do. Phones are no longer limited to their basic functions, but now they let us enter a whole new world of innovation and productivity.

Smartphones today are coming with some unbelievable features and technologies, and the developers are busy in bringing more advancement in this filed. With the rapid progress smartphones are making we are expecting some exceptionally good features and capabilities to come in the future smartphones. Let’s have a look at some of those features.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is currently used in PCs only. It is the technology that lets you experience a virtually created environment which is true to life. We use our senses to perceive things enhanced through the use of computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics and GPS data. In simple words we can say that AR is a technology that combines computer data to let users get more information than real life. We are expecting future smartphones to come equipped with this technology so we can work with more accuracy seamlessly.

Flexible Screens

While talking of features in upcoming smartphones how can we forget the long awaited flexible screens? Samsung has kept us in wait for these screens for so long that we have started to doubt whether we will ever get a chance to use them or not. Just imagine how great it would be to have screen large enough to have proper enjoyment of games and movies but at the same time small enough to easily fit in the pocket. The flexible screens we want should be flexible enough to fold back in to small size, we don’t want those flexible screen which could only bend a little.

In-Built Projector

Though projector is not a device everyone uses but it is gaining popularity day by day. Sometimes the smartphone screens are not big enough to enjoy every minute detail of games, movies or even pictures. In that case we want smartphones to come with built in projectors so we can easily view our media on big screen. This will also turn smartphones into gaming consoles as we could play games without connecting it to a TV.

3D Screens

Have you ever though how great it would be to have 3D screens on your smartphones. With Apple’s retina display, the screen resolution has reached its peak because it is sharper than a human eye can perceive. It would be better if smartphone makers shift their focus form resolution to dimension. There are a couple of 3D smartphones available in the market but they have failed to impress us. Not just simple 3D a holographic projection will be more preferred. Using phone with holographic technology will make us feel like we are a living in a science fiction movie, isn’t it great?

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