Monday, 4 May 2015

Microsoft Surface 3 Review

Microsoft has recently introduced its latest surface tablet Surface 3. Though people were expecting Microsoft to launch a mini version of Surface but what we got is Surface 3. However we will not be disappointed because it has a lot of those features and functionalities which we wanted in Surface Mini. Let’s have a deep look at this new tablet so we can unveil its features.


All those people like me who like the elegant and premium design of Surface tablets will also love the new Surface 3’s design. People might be thinking that Surface 3 is a bit over priced as compared to what it has inside so stay assured because it is its solid built and ultra-stylish design that has cost a few extra pounds. It sports the same magnesium alloy design as of its predecessor but at 622 grams it is much lighter than Surface 3 Pro which weighed 800 grams. It is the lightest Surface tablet Microsoft has launched yet. By scribbling on OneNote using the Stylus Pen you get the feeling of writing on a paper with a pen. With a three step back design you get the freedom to set it back at three different angles according to your comfort.


Another feature which is responsible for its expensive price tag and makes it superior to other tablets is its stunning display. The deep blacks and bold colours pop out from its sharp and extremely bright display. Coming with a pixel resolution of 1,920 x 1,280 and 3:2 aspect ratio it delivers crystal clear images and visuals, plus gives you enough room for efficient multitasking. The biggest selling point of Surface tablets is that they are convertible tablets, you can use them as both laptop and table. The Surface 3's touch-sensitive display is highly responsive and gives you an intuitive touch experience. The display’s sharp colours and clear results makes it a perfect device for watching movies.


To take most out of your Surface tablet you need its accessories including the stylus pen and detachable keyboard. The stylus pen that comes with Surface 3 is identical to that of Surface 3 pro. You can make thick strokes with its pressure sensitive nib just by pressuring the nib harder. The Type Keyboard Cover is another accessory you’ll need to buy separately for enjoying Surface 3 to its fullest. It works similar to that of Surface 3 Pro’s Touch Covers. The new keyboard comes with a secondary hinge which allows you to fold the cover along. It features backlit keys for comfortable typing in all kinds of lighting ambience and a trackpad is also added which Microsoft claims is more accurate than previous versions. Having a shallow key travel it focuses on portability so you can easily carry it around. Microsoft also offers a docking station for adding additional output and charging ports. Unlike its predecessors, Surface 3 does not need a proprietary connector it recharges via micro-USB.


To enhance your usability Microsoft has equipped it with a plethora of connectivity options. It comes loaded with an integrated full size USB 3.0 port, a Mini DisplayPort and microSD card reader fixed under the kick stand. Another USB port in its micro version is also used for charging and can also work with any compatible Micro-USB power adaptor or a portable battery pack.


The intuitive tiled interface of windows 8.1 lets you increase your productivity. It is designed to work with touchscreens so it gives optimum performance in both entertainment or business related apps. It comes with a free one year subscription of Office 365 Personal which gives you a chance to make an account on Windows OneDrive. Driven by 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z8700 processor it is much faster than other devices equipped with ATOM CPUs. Surface 3’s battery is slightly better than Surface 3 Pro’s battery. Where Pro’s battery gives 7 hours 28 minutes the Surface 3’s battery gives 7 hours 41 minutes.


Even though it packs in an Intel Atom CPU but still it does not fail to impress you. While talking of its overall performance and design it is quite satisfying and up to the mark. But considering its expensive price tag in comparison to what it offers, it may not be a sport for price conscious buyers.

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