Monday, 25 May 2015

Toshiba Qosmio X70 Review

As the obsession of games is increasing Laptop producers are also trying to offer something exceptionally good which can satisfy the gamers urge and obsession. Qosmio is a line of full fledge gaming laptop offered by Toshiba. Qosmio laptops have always enjoyed great popularity among gaming enthusiasts, and let’s see what this latest addition in the Qosmio family has to offer its users.


The Qosmio X70 shares the heritage design of its predecessors. It may not have that ultra-slim and unique design but still it looks good with a ring of red metal around its base. The same red light engulfs the power button and touchpad which adds in its sturdy look plus also makes this laptop look stylish. The high quality finished aluminum offers durability and style. It comes featuring a small diamond shaped texture on palm rests and the lid. There is a big Qosmio logo on the lid which lights up when the laptop is in use. Having a 44mm thick chassis it comes in the top tier of the gaming laptops.


Tohiba Qosmio X70 comes loaded with top notch specs which goes perfectly with its garish exterior. Powered by NVIDIA’s one of the most powerful GPU, GeForce GTX 770M it gives you a graphical performance you always dreamt of. In addition the Core i7-4700MQ processor and 16GB of RAM combine together to give you a complete package so you can have an uncompromised performance every time. Qosmio X70 is preloaded with 256GB SSD which is used as boot drive plus 1TB hard disk gives gamers all the room they want to maintain an extensive library.


Its large 17.3” offers you an amazing multimedia experience. The TruBrite® FHD TFT High Brightness display with LED backlighting is ideal for enjoying media and games at their best. With 1,920 x 1080 resolution and 16 : 9 aspect ratio you get to enjoy minutest details. Toshiba understands that games and movies cannot be enjoyed at their fullest unless you have high quality audio. That’s why Toshiba has equipped it with Quad speakers supporting Harman Kardon speaker technology to give you all the beats, bass and tune levels you need.


A comfortable keyboard is one of the most essential thing you need in a gaming laptop. Toshiba Qosmio X70 comes featuring a frameless black tile keyboard which features a LED Backlight so you can have long gaming sessions no matter what the lighting ambience is. The innovative touchpad can be used with smartphone like gestures. The multi touch technology allows you to use more than one finger at a time so you can easily perform functions with pinching and swiping gestures. 


Toshiba Qosmio X70 gives you all the power and speed you need to perform efficiently. Its current generation hardware stands it apart from all the typical gaming laptops. With all these advantages it also comes with some flaws like unimpressive battery life. Anyhow the price at which Qosmio X70 is available, some other laptops from brands like MSI and Asus with almost similar specs are also available at that price. So it’s up to you which brand do you prefer to buy.

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