Monday, 15 June 2015

Deciding on Laptop/Tablet PC; What Should I Buy?

Laptop or tablet whatever you are going to buy depends on your need. If you want multitasking and heavy workload then go for laptop and if your requirement is just daily usage and light net surfing then tablet will be the right product to buy. Tablets have been in fashion since Apple introduced it’s iPad in 2000. Compact and easy to carry anywhere these tablets does not offer that of a wide range of functions to fulfill any multitasking like laptops do. You might not need a spare bag for tablet but still you cannot have a fully equipped device in your hands as compared to laptop that come with keyboard, bunch of connectivity options and DVD  drives. With the advancement in technology and innovation lover technology manufacturers, tablets have changed a lot more than just a screen with few functions but still along with the display you need to have spare keyboard and other devices that might prove to be hectic for you to connect each device while you are sitting outside .Following are the few key points of both laptop and tablet that will be helpful enough for you to decide what should you buy:

Battery life

Tablet have proven to have better battery life than laptop. Where laptop have heavy structure and other devices built in it to operate it only ends up providing you with a battery life of less than two or three hours whereas tablet can keep going on for eight hours or more and can be on standby for days.


When it comes to performance tablet cannot compete laptop top in handling heavy usage. Tablet can be acceptable but will not be suggested fir handling of heavy data processing .Due to its limited capabilities tablets cannot be a good choice for multitasking whereas laptops are preferred for long term projects.


Laptops are heavier and bigger than tablets that makes them less convenient for moving around whereas tablets can be carried like a smartphone in your hands.

Input Method

For heavy typing, keyboards are better to be used rather than touch-screen. On tablet you have to perform all the functions of keyboard and mouse that can be tiresome.

Laptops offer you larger displays than tablets. If you have simple usage of just watching videos then go for the tablet but for studying and project making laptops must be bought.


Laptops have been controversial because of their heavy heat releasing harmful for people who use their laptops on their laps or in bed. It is suggested to use your laptops on desk. Tablets are less harmful as they can be used within your hand and does not release any harmful heat and weigh lesser.

All in all it is up to the buyer who he/she want to go for as both of these products have their own pros and cons and different work usages.

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