Friday, 26 June 2015

Toshiba Portege Z30t

Toshiba Portege Z30t
Recently, with increasing business responsibilities and with expanding official needs, the competiton is getting tougher among the business laptops. The 13-inch Toshiba Touchscreen UltraBook Core i5 is one of such laptops packed with features to fulfil your office work necessities.  Portege Z30t is an improved form of previously introduced Toshiba Z30. The Portege Z30t is a touch version which runs Windows 8.1 installed with the advance 4th gen Intel Core Processor. Reviewing it will help us to determine that whether this new and improved version has the balls to compete with the business laptops lined up in the competition and does it provide with ample amount of features to carry out the business tasks proficiently.  

Design and display

The 13-inch Toshiba Portege Z30t is a robust machine with sleek and slim compact design well suited for a business notebook. The ultra-book looks graceful as it has magnesium alloy chassis with fine Magnesium silver finish. It comes with the resolution of 1920x1080 pixels (166 ppi) which decently provider sharper images on the bright display. However, its competitor ThinkPad X1 has a better resolution of with 2560x1440 pixels (221 ppi).

Moreover, it has an excellent multi-touch display interface with anti-finger coating which makes it more advance. The background illumination and contrast ratios are pretty much impressive as they constant and powerful throughout the use. But, it is not suitable for the daylight use even with highest degree of brightness which is quite disappointing but it works fine in shady areas.  

Performance Test

The Tohshiba Portege Z30t unfortunately couldn’t leave a decent impression in terms of its performance. It runs on a Haswell Intel Core i7 processor, the dual core CPU which is same as used by the model Z30. Integrated with 8GB RAM and Intel graphics 4400, it evoked much expectations. Other ultra-books in competition such as HP EliteBook and Lenovo X1 bear similar kind of features but we found it disappointing in terms of competing with its fellow competitors such as EliteCBook Folio and Lenovo X1 Carbon. In order to judge the performance more accurately, numerous tests were carried out. The PCMark 8 recorded scores on total 4 standardized categories namely Storage, Work, Creative and Home. To our shock, it failed badly at performing better than its predecessor Z30.

Testing on its graphics output was also revealed average results. It is equipped with HD Graphics 4400 with200 - 1,100 MHz not delivering a notable 3D performance. 

Battery Life

If your office working routine demands long hours, then this ulta-book is exclusively here to impress you with the superb battery life lasting for around 12 hours which is way better than its competitors.  This is actually the selling point of Z30t as only few of such devices belonging to the similar family are able to achieve this.

Connectivity Options

With a wide-array of connectivity options, it comes a lot useful for fulfilling your business needs. It is fully equipped with three USB 3.0 ports along with VGA and HDMI enabling you to connect your other devices and see your stuff on bigger screens, deliver presentations and watch videos with greater satisfaction. Additionally, it also offers with Gigabit Ethernet and SD card slot making things more happening.


The Toshiba Portege is no doubt a very valuable business Ultra-book installed with striking features and sleek design. It has a smooth touch with anti-finger coating. Boot time is impressive too. However, as compared to its fellow contestant business laptops it could not perform remarkably. But based on overall examination, we can conclude that it offers with wide range of features, good enough to carry out the business tasks efficiently. It is not an outstanding ultra-book but definitely not inferior to its competitors.

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