Monday, 6 July 2015

Nexus 9 vs Lenovo MIIX 3: A Comparison

What is the best tablet Nexus 9 or Lenovo MIIX 3? No one can answer this question as both have their own fans. As Lenovo is the award winning tablet but Nexus is also getting good feedback from markets. You cannot put tablets on the scale of Laptops and PCs. Though all of them are the products of technology but they all differ in their nature of usage. With advancements in technology and tough competition among manufacturers, buyers get confused in which one to buy.

Size and Style

Both of these tablets feature their own style. Where Nexus 9 have metallic frame around its edges, Lenovo MIIX 3 is all plastic but stiff enough when in use. The back of the Nexus is rubberized that is found catching greasy fingerprints and hard to get them removed. The matte-black surface of Lenovo feels velvety and non-slippery. Though catch light fingerprints but can easily be erased. Both of these tablets are easy to grip and light in weight. Nexus weighs 425g lighter than 582g MIIX. Weight of MIIX is justified by it’s display of 10.1 inches whereas Nexus offers 8.9 inches of display. Tablets are travel companion and they are prone to weigh light and easy to carry in bags. Our both devices are easy to carry around though MIIX needs to be packaged between forces in bag while transporting.

Processor Type

Seems like Nexus 9 is faster and advance this time with Dual-Core installed in it whereas MIIX have Intel Atom in it. Difference is made with the speed both these processors provide. With the processor speed of 2.3GHz in Nexus Lenovo is far away with the processor speed of 1.33 GHz. More speed comes with more graphics processing and more productivity in lesser time.

Operating System

Both of these tablets have 2 GB of RAM but differ in operating systems. MIIX supports Windows 8.1 with Bing whereas Nexus have Google’s latest operating system, Android 5.0 with Lollipop. Both Windows and Android have their own fans and preferred according to the requirements of the user.


Tablets are more into entertainment business. Another point that is kept in consideration by tablet buyers is the sound quality. A mono speaker is installed in MIIX 3 that gives out thin sound that comes from one side of the device. Connecting external speakers or headphones is recommended for movies. Nexus have BoomSound speakers installed that produces clear and vibrant sound. Unlike other tablets, it’s speakers does not face bottom or back of the tablet.

Input Devices

You can couple mouse and keyboard with MIIX 3 whereas Nexus offers the same feature in magnetic keyboard attachment that is connected wirelessly through Bluetooth and NFC to pair it up. The chiclet keyboard of Lenovo comes with the package whereas you need to buy Nexus keyboard separately.

Better Connectivity

Because of slim structure and light in weight tablets does not offer much connectivity options but you will be accommodated with all necessary connections. Other than wireless connections; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC, there are other necessary USB ports and microphone jacks in both of these devices.

Other Features

You cannot call Nexus affordable. This time as google have made it advance and better than previous versions that have also become little bit out of budget. Lenovo is still in your budget and inexpensive. Nexus will stay active for 9 hours and 30 minutes while MIIX 3 will stay with you only for 6 hours.

Features of both of the tablets have explained enough to get you out of the confusion of which tablet you should buy next.

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