Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Amazing Life of the Year 2050

So, how many of you walk on the paths of future in your mind? Ever gave a thought that how life would be after 50 years, after whole 5 decades? The moment I started thinking about it, my mind got filled with great excitement as it’s always fun to imagine the future. It takes you to the places where no one else can.

We have seen technology growing, leaving us startled by the fabulous inventions, unveiling difficult truths and discoveries. Undoubtedly, we cannot deny the fact that technology plays a pivotal role in directing our lives, both personal and professional. The question is how it will change our in future?
Starting with the favorite part of my imagination, ‘Spaceships!’ Yes, that’s right, the future of transportation. Right now we are on the verge of launching driver-less cars but still this doesn’t excite me to the highest levels. Growing up watching cartoons like The Jestons, Instopia and stuff like that, I have always been a fan of spaceships. Talking about the real world, flying cars would be a more appropriate term. How amusing it would be to travel in flying cars, no more street bumps, lesser traffic jams and most of all enjoying the journey in a most refreshing way. Who knows we might be enjoying the formula 1 race in air rather than on streets.

Next comes ‘The robots’. We are already experiencing robot inventions who are ready to play a human like role in our daily lives such as the latest Budgee, the robot who follows. So, we might see more of robots as our future buddies going out with us, carrying things for us, driving a car or even talking to us.

What about phones and laptops? We have seen our daily life gadgets shrinking day by day, going sleek and slimmer and highly portable. Following that, we may find our phones, laptops and tablets more of wearable devices. We might be wearing them as a good piece of jewelry or like a smart watch and controlling our normal computing tasks. Thinking of it also brings the term ‘Mental Telepathy’ in my mind, technology enabling people to communicate with each other through our minds exclusively while sitting at some other place.

Going deeper I see food transformations, yes I take food seriously and I am sure many people fall for food the same as me. It is predicted that the world population will grow tremendously. To counter that, various farming techniques would be applied most probably. By near 2035 or more surely by 2050, meat might grow in labs or salads in skyscrapers. Food predictions are hard to make, we cannot really forecast that which food would be the most popular from 50 years now. We might be finding instant food options more abundant than the actual food we eat right now.

A hamburger might pop up by just spilling warm water on some powder or perhaps a three course meal appear right before your eyes in seconds. The taglines of various food advertisements will be too funny, ‘two-minute steak’ instead of two-minute noodles we cook now. 
What would be the future of social networking? Surely it will no longer be a matter of tapping or clicking on screens anymore. People would have real time conversations. E-commerce has already changed much of our shopping routine, we might be shopping with our friends online, virtually trying clothes and accessories and selecting the desired particulars.

Wandering through the wildest part of my imagination, I forecast super heroes with veiled faces such as Superman, Batman, and Spider-man saving us from any mishaps and accidents.  Well, I can’t say if they will be exactly the same but surely an improved version of policemen and soldiers, more powerful, well-informed of the surroundings and much faster in saving lives.

For the love of animals, how can I miss predicting them by 2050? Only animal lovers would understand that how much they wish to understand their pets. We keep cats, dogs, hamsters etc but sometimes fail to understand our lovely fur balls. We love to take care of them, play with them and share real lifetime memories. What if we could converse with them and understand their language? 2050 might come up with such surprises enabling the pet owner to talk with their pets or at least recognizing their sound language. Well, it might possibly bring few problems such as discovering that the pet who you thought loves you the most may actually carry utmost disgust for you! 

2050 is surely going to be full of amazement. It might be way more advance of what we are thinking right now or might be really devastating bringing wars involving hi-tech highly destructible weapons. Till then, let’s wait for 2050 to enjoy the imagination turned into reality.

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