Thursday, 13 August 2015

LG G Pad8 V480 8

Say hello to a new addition in tablet world, LG G Pad 8.0, the 8-inch Android tablet. LG is releasing classy devices without any break. It has released its tablet trio at the same time, G Pad 10.1, G Pad 7.0 and G Pad 8.0. Equipped with Quardcore Snapdragon CPU with 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage, LG G Pad 8.0 is our machine to review today. 

Design and Display

Meet the stylish LG G Pad 8.0 built with matte-effect plastic. This makes it easier to hold but it acts as a magnet for ginger prints. On the left side, you will discover power button and volume controls & being so light, it shows off great portability.

Talking about the display, the 8 inch-screen delivers an excellent picture quality as it has a decent resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels having the pixel density of 189 ppi. The IPS panel produces vibrant and colorful images offering great viewing angles. However, the screen lacks sharpness and sometimes the images might appear washed out.

Apps and Inside Story

This LG G Pad 8 comes with a powerful software and multiple useful apps. Equipped with Android 4.24.2 and Quardcore Snapdragon, it surely raises the expectations. It refreshes you with a number of apps and features which are quite intriguing to the user.

Making you safe and secure, Knock Code is the feature which would make you access the home screen with over 86,000 code combinations as told by LG. This makes the tablet to appear prominently among its rivals.  

Nest comes the Q pair, enabling you to connect your phone to the G Pad. With this option, you will be able to receive various notifications such as text messages.

Moreover, control your other electronic machines with its option of QuickRemote. The built-in IR blaster enables you to take control of your TV, DVD or player.

Unlike other manufacturers, LG gives you the convenience of uninstall some pre-loaded applications. Through this, you can make space in the device and work by having your own space.


If you ask about the performance, LG G Pad 8.0 manages to provide you with decent working. Coming with Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset, it is a powerful machine however, the earlier released 8.3 showed much more strong internal tech.
The Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset which powers the G Pad 8.0 isn't going to win any awards when it comes to processing grunt – even last year's G Pad 8.3 came with more powerful internal tech. Backed by just 1GB of RAM, this rather weak chip doesn't make for a particularly smooth user experience. Equipped with Android 4.4.2 OS and Quad core processor, the tablet shows satisfactory performance but not as great as expected as it often gets jerky. 

If you plan to have this tablet for some serious gaming purpose, LG G Pad 8.0 might not be able to serve you at its best. The graphically intense 3D titles pushes the Adreno 305 graphics processor to the limit. 2D titles work much better but this is certainly not a tablet one would like to recommend to game freaks. The sound quality is not really admirable and the audio lacks bass. Turning up the volume would do no good as it only causes distortions.


The tablet is well-equipped with 5 Megapixel Rear & 1.3 Megapixel Front Camera which captures decent images, not great. It doesn’t have any LED flash so it gets hard to capture good images in dark environments. Photos appear less clear lacking definition. But, that can’t be considered as a drawback as most of the tablets come with almost same kind of cameras producing weak images. The camera works okay for video chatting but it certainly not the camera to capture memories.   

Battery Life

Coming with 4200mAh non-removable power cell, LG G Pad 8.0 manages to deliver you with 5 to 6 hours of battery life. Play games and videos for long periods surf on net or work in a relaxed power saving environment.  

Does LG G Pad 8.0 Makes a User Happy?

Coming with an unbelievably low price tag and equipped with decent features and applications, LG G Pad 8.0 is worth considering when buying a modest tablet for yourself. However, screen resolution is found quite disappointing. But if you say it to make an overall judgment, the tablet genuinely provides the users with countless useful features good enough to bring a sense of satisfaction.

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