Monday, 17 August 2015


The most recent Samsung Galaxy S6 is so amazing that honestly reviewing it is so exciting for me. I am here not only to evaluate this smartphone, I myself want to discover it even more. Samsung S series has unleashed some of the best smartphones but with time the hype of these phones was seen dying. But, wait what? Here is a deadly comeback by Samsung through Samsung Galaxy S6, an unmatchable beauty. We did expect it to be awesome but it proved our predictions wrong by being Super Awesome! Let’s discover more about this unique looking device.

Design and Display

We have got a lot to talk about the design of this new beauty in smartphone market. The Galaxy Edge S6 is more stylishly designed but definitely costs more. It has been elegantly designed with smooth Gorilla Glass 4 on front and back. Aluminum alloy takes its place on the sides and by all means it certainly appears as a flagship phone. This is a rare and expensive combination of the phone chassis.
The phone looks robust but yet very light in the hand, slimmer than S5. However, one thing we would like to point out is the awkward speaker placement present at the base of the phone. It would have been better if it was placed at the back. This wrong placement muffles the sound of the phone when holding it. The design of rear side of the phone is relatively less attractive because of the camera that bulges out around 2mm giving it a bit uncomfortable look. Moreover, it is with the metallic chassis and design it appears less grippy. It isn’t waterproof either as S5 was so this means you will have to take care of it even more.
The phone comes with the numerous royal-silk jewel colour tones including White Pearl, Gold Platinum, Black Sapphire, Green Emerald And blue Topaz adding more to the phone’s premium look. 
Talking about the display, it definitely win at being brilliant as it comes with Super AMOLED panel. The 5.1-inch screen is vibrant producing crystal clear images and natural whites. The Full (1080p) screen appears to be sharp making the things going on screen more enjoyable appearing perfect in both in dark and daylight.  

Software and Performance

Running on Android 5.0 Lollipop with updated version of TouchWiz, it surely gets incredible with performance. Coming with Octa-core Exynos 7420 processor, it takes an edge as this processor is rarely found in smartphone and works better than the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor.
One of the great features that played a good role in terms of performance is its Multi-window functionality. You can open and use two apps simultaneously. This means you can share posts on social media while using Whatsapp or emailing. Moreover, with 3GB RAM and streamlined TouchWiz, it surely offers you with the best. 
It also has something to offer the gamers. The proof of excellent performance by the phone is how neatly it handles the graphically intensive games like Asophalt 8. It worked perfectly on the phone with no dropping of the frames giving the best of gaming experience we haven’t found anything similar on any other phone. 


Here is something even bigger for people who love taking fine pictures. Coming with the 16-megapixel Sony Exmor RS IMX240 sensor it surely delivers the best picture details you can ever imagine. It even works well in low light and captures tiniest details with great auto-focusing speed which is better than what iPhone 6 offers.
Equipped with f/1.9 lens, Samsung Galaxy S6 has made sure that you capture great images even in dim lights. Additionally, the Optical image stabilization (OIS) does a superb job of capturing splendid nightscapes even without using flash. Now this is something rare and unheard before.    
And how can we forget to mention about the great selfies it produces. The user can take flawless pictures of himself by entering into different modes such wide selfie beauty shot etc.

Battery life and Charging

Coming with a weaker battery than its predecessor, the S6 is found power hungry. With 2,550 mAh, it manages to take out a day if phone used at normal levels. However, if you are a more frequent user than you surely will have to give it a recharge or use battery saving modes. The bright side is, S6 recharges exceedingly fast charging up 35% in just 10 to 15 minutes time. Additionally, the phone can charge wirelessly as well keeping things smooth for you. 

Designed remarkably and being great at performing, S6 is incredible, definitely a flagship smartphone in the market. The camera is amazing which works great even in low lights. This is a strong selling point of the phone. However, battery life didn’t impress much. If you plan to make a good investment on a phone than Galaxy S6 is definitely worth considering.

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