Sunday, 23 August 2015

Samsung Galaxy TAB 3

After Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Samsung is here with an updated version presenting Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.  Well, honestly speaking the new version doesn’t come with notable abundant changes. However, it is more stylishly designed, more compact, sleek and slim, and much lighter in weight than its predecessor but the functionality is no different than Galaxy Tab 2. Let’s analyze it in more detail and find out if there are any key differences between the two.

Display and Design

The 10.1 –inch display of Galaxy Tab 3 adopts the similar kind of design as its predecessors hold. The plastic chassis are glossy in nature and showcases metallic border. This glossiness makes it welcoming for fingerprints which are hard to remove. However, it is lighter in weight and sleek and slim in design making it more portable.

It was a disappointment to discover that the very latest Galaxy Tab 3 doesn’t come with Full HD display with a resolution of 1,280 x 800. It displays somewhat unclear icons and graphic details appear less crispy. Unlike the Tab 2, the speakers are located at the sides of the laptop at the left and right edges. Unfortunately, the audio is not powerful enough, you’ll have to find a quieter place in order to hear the stuff clearly. 

Power & Performance

Packed with dual core Intel Atom Z2560 system on a chip with the speed of 1.6 GHz, it appears to perform faster and better than the average as compared to its competitor tablets.  As it comes with a dual core processor, it is more likely to be suitable for multi-tasking and carrying out office tasks. With 1 GB RAM, it fails to offer sufficient memory as compared to other tablets.
The tablet showed varied results when tested on few benchmarks. The good news is, it performed a lot better than its previous model producing better results. However, the touch was observed to be poor in navigating the stuff on the screen. It lacked consistency as it occasionally got stuck while working. It definitely couldn’t compete against Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 which showcased relatively better results with the same screen size and resolution. 


To all the camera lovers out there, Galaxy Tab 3 won’t let you down as it comes with 2 cameras, a rear camera of 3.15 mega pixel and a 1.3 megapixel front camera also catering autofocus.  You wouldn’t find this in other tablets that common. However, the picture result wasn’t found to be very admirable as they lacked detail and colors appeared to dull and not so happening. The 720p video recording revealed almost the same kind of results with a poor audio quality.  The camera comes in handy for emergency needs, definitely not something good for making memories.


Running on the 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Samsung TouchWiz, it comes in with a lot useful features. Saving The Tablet’s battery in an intelligent way by its smartStay feature, making the tablet to doze off when you are not working on it. The Samsung Tab 3 is also a universal remote with a built in IR blaster. This allows you change your TV settings, channels and operate your cable box. Moreover, enjoy Game Hub, ChatON, Music Player, S Voice, Samsung Apps, watch ON etc.  Offered by Samsung, some of these coming pre-installed. Well, you can get the rest of desired apps from the standard collection of Google Apps.


The connectivity options are quite satisfactory. It has a Wi-Fi connectivity to establish connections with local wireless networks. Moreover, it comes with the 4.0 Bluetooth connection enabling to pair up your accessory devices. It is also installed with Micro-USB wired and charged connection and a 3.5 mm headphone connector. 
Battery Life

Lastly, coming on to the battery life, with 6,800 mAh, it scores an average battery life of 8 hours which is usual for a 10.1 inch tablet. This time period is quite sufficient for having longer relaxed working hours.

Wrap Up

The Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 proves to be better than its predecessor Tab 2 as it is more stylishly designed, lighter in weight and beating Tab 2 in all the performance based tests. The battery life was also found satisfactory. However, despite offering dual cameras, the picture quality proved to be average. It has got all what you need to carry out your daily computing tasks but it is certainly not made to entertain you at the best. Coming with a high price tag, it doesn’t prove to be as good as its competitor tablets are such as Xperia Tablet Z and Toshiba’s 10-inch Pure.

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