Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Google IO 2016

Google IO 2016 is the company’s huge developer conference, at which its latest hardware and software innovations are revealed. It will take place from tomorrow, May 18 – May 20, and the first day will be hosted by CEO Sundar Pichai starting at 10am PT/1p, ET/6pm BST. The event will allow developers and the world audience to know Google’s upcoming launches and future plans. Read on to find out what to expect at Google IO 2016:

1)    Android N

Google announced Android N before IO 2016, giving developers and users a hint of what will be discussed at the massive event. The new mobile operating system is already available in a Developer Preview, along with multi-window support and Doze Mode 2.0. However, the official name of the software has not been revealed yet, and is expected to be unveiled by Pinchai at Day 1 of IO 2016, along with information about when it will be available for customer devices –such as Nexus handsets.

2)    Android VR

Android VR is one of the most rumoured launches leading up to IO 2016, however it is unknown whether it will be a standalone headset or a user platform, or even both. A few reports have indicated that Google will reveal a standalone VR headset, and the new VR will be a considerable update from Google Cardboard. However, it is likely that Android VR will not arrive until the operating software Android N is available on a number of different user devices, in order to make it more accessible.

3)    Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is Google’s VR headset which has previously been launched, and it has become quite successful. It is a straightforward VR smartphone adapter which includes lenses and a magnetic input ring. IO 2016 will be mostly focusing on VR, a session of Day 2 of the event is called “VR at Google” and many other VR sessions are likely to take place. VR at Google will be hosted by Google’s head of VR, Clay Bavor and the session will discuss the current launches, lessons learned from them and future ideas/launches. The session description states: “We should get insight into how Cardboard is progressing, what Google's learned from making cheap, mobile VR and what it has planned next in the space” (i.e., Android VR).

More upcoming innovations:

  •    “VR & Cinema” session which will focus on VR film and the evolvement of the entertainment industry.
  •    Future plans for ProjectTango – Google’s augmented reality tech, already available in tablet and phone.
  •     Android will also be a major focus of IO 2016, as well as an update for Android Auto.

Keep a look out for more information on Google IO 2016 here as the event unfolds!

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