Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Where to Buy Student Laptops on Discount in the UK

For students, a laptop is an ultimate necessity. Whether it’s purchasing clothes or course books online, checking your timetable for the week or writing up an assignment, your student life is held together by this ever so important device. We understand that students don’t have an immense amount of disposable cash but need a good quality device for work and play, so we’re going to help you out! Here are a few helpful tips on how to buy student laptops on discount in the UK.

1. Make the most out of your university ID

Unbelievably, your university ID is more than just a swipe card to let you into your accommodation block or allow access to your campus! When buying a laptop in stores, always ask if there is a student discount available, whilst some stores will require you to sign up to a student site/app, others will simply check your student identification and give you a student discount there and then. However, note that it is entirely dependent on the store you are buying from and the discount can vary too.

2. University student apps and sites

To buy student laptops on discount in the UK doesn’t mean you have to buy in stores. With plenty of apps and sites to choose from like Student Beans and UniDays, you’ll be spoilt with plenty of great offers. UniDays is probably the most popular student discount app and arguably has the best deals available. You can save money on fashion, food and on tech gadgets including laptops and tablets.

The app is most loved for its deals on Apple products; offering 10% off. For students looking to invest in high-end tech, the MacBook range has always been praised for its great features, slick exterior and portability.

Deals and offers are constantly changing, so be on the lookout for any other companies and stores that allow you to buy student laptops on discount. At Laptop Outlet we offer a up to 15% student discount with Student Beans which will help you find your perfect laptop at a great discount here.  UniDays offer a HP student discount, again ideal for grabbing your desired laptop at a cheaper price.
There’s minimal hassle too. UniDays and Student Beans allow you to download the app on your phone so you can check online deals on the go and be sure to grab a student laptop on discount when it’s on offer, or you can redeem the offer in stores with a different discount code.

3. Student picks

Essentially you can buy student laptops on discount online or/and in stores. Selected ranges of student laptops are sometimes available at a discounted or lower price, as well as offering you helpful freebies like mini speakers or antivirus software. Be sure to have a browse around online and in stores and you will be sure to come across a bundle or deal.

So there you have it, where and how to buy student laptops on discount! For more helpful tips on purchasing student laptops at a great price and finding a laptop suited to you, we recommend our article on How to buy a cheap laptop online.

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